Group Analytic Psychotherapy

What is Group Analytic Psychotherapy?

Talking in a group is beneficial in a number of ways. You can clarify your difficulties through discussion with others. You can also express the pent-up feelings which surround and complicate your problems in an accepting atmosphere. You are likely to gain encouragement from the discovery that other group members are struggling with similar difficulties and are making progress with them. Your self-esteem can improve as you find that you can be helpful to, and appreciated by, other members of the group. The opportunity to speak seriously with others and to give and receive honest feedback can help to improve your self confidence. Group Analytic Psychotherapy is a form of psychodynamic psychotherapy, which incorporates elements of Interpersonal Therapy ( I.P.T.). It is indicated in the Department of Health N.I.C.E. Guidelines For Treatment of Depression as an effective treatment for complex and persistent mood disorders including social anxiety and bi-polar affective disorder. Groups meet for 90 minutes weekly and for those who wish to engage in a more intensive approach, a twice weekly group is available which meets for 90 minutes twice a week.

How does it work?

A group session has no fixed agenda. Instead, you are invited to talk about whatever is most important to you. As trust develops, it is possible to explore how you relate to others in the group. This may resemble relationships in your life outside or from childhood. You may discover that there are recurring patterns in the way that you approach others. Some of these can be counterproductive. A group offers the chance to try out new ways of being with others as a step towards forming more satisfying personal, social, family or work relationships.

What approach is used?

The groups are run along group analytic lines, drawing on the insights of psychoanalysis and sociology as models for understanding human relationships. We all start our lives as a member of a family group. Conflicts in our early relationships can get carried over into adulthood. We may be conscious of this process. But there can also be unconscious conflicts left over from our past which result in symptoms such as low self-esteem, lack of confidence, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, social phobias or difficulties in relationships.

Weekly analytic groups at BTC.

Howard Edmunds currently runs three weekly psychoanalytic psychotherapy groups at Brighton Therapy Centre. Two groups meet weekly for 90 minutes on  Wednesdays 6.30 pm and Thursdays 5.00pm.  There is also a twice weekly group which meets for 90 minutes on Monday 4.20pm  and Wednesdays at 4.30pm.  Each group has up to eight members, both men and women, plus the therapist. New group members join from time to time with an average length of stay of one to three years. The groups meet for at least 42 sessions a year. Breaks are given a year in advance and where possible coincide with school holidays.


Howard Edmunds is a  Group Analyst and  registered with the UK Council for Psychotherapy. He has worked for six years as a Principal Adult Psychotherapist for Sussex Partnership NHS Trust, prior to working full time at Brighton Therapy Centre. Howard has 19 years experience of clinical practice with  a special interest in mood disorders, including bi-polar affective disorder, depression and social anxiety. He works according to a professional Code of Ethics and Practice, available on request.  For times of Howard’s groups see below.

Sue Griffin is a  Group Analytic Psychotherapist registered with the UKCP offering weekly psychodynamic group and  individual psychotherapy.  She is also trained in Mentalization Based Therapy as well as being an Art Psychotherapist registered with HCPC.  In  addition to her  role at BTC, since 1994  Sue  worked with child, adolescents, adults and looked after children services within the NHS. She is accustomed to working with adults with a broad range or mood and personality disorders in individual and group therapy.

You can arrange an initial, individual consultation with Howard  or Sue by calling 01273 626 444 or by  email. Calls will be returned in confidence. There will be an opportunity to talk about yourself and discuss whether you might benefit from a group. Further individual sessions can be arranged prior to starting in the group as required.

Dates & Fees:

The fee is agreed in the initial session.

Once Weekly Groups :  Wednesday 6.30 – 8.00pm and  Thursday 5.00 – 6.30pm & Thursday 7 – 8.30pm   41 – 44 sessions per year.

Fees : £26 – £29 per 90 minute session.  Paid monthly in advance: £100  per month. One to one sessions of 50 minutes prior to starting in a group : £40 – £60.

Twice Weekly Group:  Monday / Wednesday 4.20 – 5.50pm:  82 sessions per year.

Fees : £25 – £28 per 90 minute session. Paid monthly in advance: £174 – £194 per month. One to one sessions of 50 minutes prior to starting in the group : £40 – £60.

Howard is registered with AVIVA, AXA, BUPA &  PPP.