Brighton Therapy Centre

 1.   Aims

The relief of those in need and to promote good health of those in the communities of Brighton, Hove and the surrounding areas who are experiencing emotional difficulties, who have mental health problems or who have a personality disorder, through the provision of counselling, psychotherapy, psycho-education and psychological treatment. (Our charity objects)

To provide a wide choice of high quality psychological therapies, support services and psycho-education in group and individual settings for males, females, couples, families and children in Brighton Hove and the surrounding areas.

To help people to improve their emotional well being and quality of life, decrease mental health difficulties, maintain their mental health and prevent relapse.

To create a centre of clinical excellence which is accessible to all sections of the community through the provision of specialist initial assessments and skilled evidence based, effective treatment and support for clients with mild to moderate as well as complex and enduring diagnoses.

To facilitate a practitioner learning community through high quality  clinical supervision, staff training and support.

To involve service users and staff in developing and improving  the service.  

 2.   Powers

1. Raise funds for the setting up of services specifically for those unable to afford to pay for private treatment including unemployed, those on benefits, and those with chronic mental health difficulties who are unable to work.
2.Employ staff for the administration of the service and for other duties as required.
3. Admit skilled and experienced self employed practitioners as members of BTC, after a formal interview, to carry out therapy and run groups as required.
4. Take on a number of students in placement for the provision of some of our lower cost counselling and therapy. These students will be supervised in house.
5. Receive income from practitioners through room rental .
6. Advertise our services via our website and database.
7. Publicise and promote the work of Brighton Therapy Centre, and organize meetings, training courses, events, seminars, group therapies and individual therapies.
8. Take any form of action that is lawful which is necessary to achieve the objects of BTC.

3.   Staff

Director: Howard Edmunds

Clinical Manager: Tom Bradshaw

Practice Manager: Mine Goundouz

Clinical Administrator: Lara Da Silva

4.   Membership

Membership shall be open to those who have an interest in assisting BTC to achieve its aims and are willing to adhere to the rules BTC.

5.   Structure, governance and management:

Brighton Therapy Centre is a company limited by guarantee and a Registered Charity, charity number 1150032.
The company was incorporated on 28 September 2011. The company was converted to a community interest company on 2 August 2012. The company was converted to a charity on 4 December 2012.

Details of method of recruitment and appointment of trustees.
None of the trustees has any beneficial interest in the company. All of the trustees are members of the company and guarantee to contribute £1 in the event of a winding up.
The trustees have been recruited by a selection process whereby an individual has expressed an interest in supporting the organisation, and also possesses knoweledge and skills pertinent to the good management of the organisation.
Appointments are made as follows:
1. Applicant submits a brief c.v. of their knowledge, experience and skills and reasons for wishing to join BTC.
2. Application is considered by the Directors and Trustees as to suitability.
3. Applicant is interviewed by the Chair of the Trustees and the Directors.
4. If successful, the candidate is appointed, pending any necessary references and a final agreement from the board of trustees.

The trustees have extensive experience in the following areas: mental health law, adolescent mental health, adult mental health, psychotherapy, business management, charity law and procedures.

Details of method of recruitment and appointment of practitioner members.
Brighton Therapy centre has a four fold practitioner membership scheme:

  1. Students in training who are on a supervised placement with BTC.
  2. Graduates who have completed a training and are building up their practice hours.
  3. Referral group – people who are registered as practitioners and to whom we refer clients.
  4. Associates – senior practitioners with training, supervisory and other experience.

Appointments are made as follows:
1. Applications are invited via advert on the website.
2. Applicants are asked to submit a CV.
3. When a vacancy arises, the submitted CV’s are short-listed and candidates invited for an interview with the Directors.
4. Successful candidates are appointed to one of the above schemes, pending satisfactory references and the provision of original copies of their professional liability insurance and professional registration.

Chair of Board of Trustees: Tony Fraser
Trustees: John Coleman, Louise Gledhill, Mary Barnett, Paul Evans, Dan Burningham,
Director: Howard Edmunds
Practitioners: all practitioners attend regular meetings in order to contribute to the day to day management of the Charity.

Practitioners representative: Jules Mercy was elected to represents practitioners views to the Directors to facilitate open communication.
Service Users: clients are invited to contribute to service development via the use of exit questionnaires and consultations regarding the future development of the service.

Management Meetings:
One Annual General Meeting per year: open to Trustees, Directors, Practitioners.
A bi-monthly meeting of the membership: Directors and Practitioners.
A  quarterly meeting of the Board of Trustees.

6. Risk management:

Brighton Therapy Centre has public liability insurance, professional liability insurance, and employers liability insurance.
The trustees have assessed the major risks to which the charity is exposed and are satisfied that systems are in place to mitigate exposure to the major risks.

7. Finance:

Any money acquired by Brighton Therapy Centre, including donations, contributions and bequests, shall be paid into an account operated by the Management Committee.  All funds shall be applied to the aims of BTC and no other purpose.


Brighton Therapy Centre

Complaints Procedure


If you feel unhappy, angry or dissatisfied with a service you have received from a member of the Brighton Therapy Centre team, this leaflet is designed to help you make a complaint – who to contact and what we will do to put things right, if possible. Unfortunately, there are occasions when problems arise, and as part of our commitment to good quality service, we try to make sure we listen to any difficulties you may have with our service.

Complaints are valuable to us, because they give us information about what you think of our service. We know there is always room for improvement and would want to consider all problems as quickly as possible.

Our Commitment

We are concerned to deal with all complaints in an efficient and understanding way. To achieve this we will:

  1. Take all complaints seriously and treat them with respect
  2. Ensure complaints are dealt with in confidence where appropriate
  3. Deal with complaints as quickly as possible
  4. Provide a final written response within 28 days of receipt of the complaint
  5. Review patterns of complaints and try to improve areas with recurring problems


How to make a complaint

  1. In the first instance please talk to your therapist about your complaint.


  1. If this conversation does not resolve things to your satisfaction, then please put your complaint in writing to the Director, Howard Edmunds.  He will respond to you within 7 working days. It may be that you will be invited to a meeting with Howard.


  1. Following this, and if you are still unhappy, you can forward your complaint to the trustees of the Brighton Therapy Centre, a registered charity. The trustees will make sure that your complaint  is thoroughly investigated