Art Therapy

Art psychotherapy is a process of making images in the presence of a therapist. The art work is used to help express, understand and resolve emotional difficulties and personal problems.

Art psychotherapy is based on psychoanalytic theory and is a three way process, focusing on the use of art materials, and the relationship between therapist and client.

In art psychotherapy, an experienced therapist will be present to help clients communicate their feelings through images. The images can then be reflected on and this can lead to new insights and personal growth and change.

Art psychotherapy can enhance self understanding and tackle deeply rooted psychological problems.  It is often effective for people who do not respond well to ‘talking therapies’.

Art psychotherapy can be offered individually or in groups and is effective with children, adolescents and adults.

It is not necessary to have any  skills, interest or experience in making art to benefit from art psychotherapy.

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