The first step in the process of getting help is to come for an initial consultation. These sessions are subject to £25 booking fee, with £15 concessions available. Click here for more information.

Ongoing treatment fees vary depending upon the background, and experience of the counsellor, therapist or psychologist.

In general terms you can expect to pay between  £35 and £65 for individual sessions lasting 50 minutes. This will be discussed when you have an initial consultation or when you first see your therapist.

Couples and family sessions cost between £50 and £80 for sessions lasting 50 minutes and does require an initial consultation session at the same cost with the right practitioner.

For groups and courses the cost will be between £12.50 and £35 for sessions lasting  90 – 120 minutes.


We have practitioners who are registered with BUPA , AVIVA , PRU & AXA.  Please ask.