Schema Therapy

Schema Therapy was developed in order to help people who experience long-standing emotional difficulties and problems in their relationships with others.

Schema Therapy is an integrative approach to psychological treatment that combines aspects of cognitive-behaviour, object relations and gestalt therapies into one model.

This form of therapy looks at identifying, understanding and modifying enduring patterns of thoughts, emotions and behaviour, that impact on our understanding of ourselves, other people and the world around us, also known as schemas. Schemas are beliefs and feelings about oneself and the environment that the individual accepts without question. We view the world through our schemas.

The therapy is based on the view that maladaptive schemas usually develop in childhood or adolescence when core emotional needs are not met and the schema(s) prevents similar needs being met in adulthood, thus perpetuating the individual experiencing the same difficulties.

The aim of Schema Therapy is to help you to change the use of maladaptive coping strategies, heal your schemas and get your emotional needs met in everyday life.