Block Group Analysis at Brighton Therapy Centre

Relationships with people shape our view of ourselves. Good relationships make a significant contribution to our mental and social wellbeing. Difficulties in relationships, however, whether at work or in our private life are major causes of unhappiness.  Group Analysis allows members of a group to experience, reflect and learn about their interactions with others in a safe setting. It can be of particular value to those working in professions associated with health or social care.

Q         Would you like a Group Analytic experience but are unable to commit to a once weekly group?

A         Then the Block Group Analytic experience may suit you.

Q         What is a Block Group Analysis?

A         A Block Group Analysis is essentially a different way of delivering Group Analysis. There are a number of groups in a short space of time followed by a gap. In this instance there will be 3 groups on a Saturday in Brighton once a month for 10 months of the year (30 groups in the year).

Q         Will the Block Group Analysis be the same as a weekly one?

A         Everything about the conducting of the Block Group  is the same as the weekly method of delivery, however the delivery method effects the way one experiences the group. The method was developed in the first place as a convenient way to deliver therapy on overseas training courses where the patients/trainees would travel from across a wide geographical area to attend.

How this delivery method might suit you is of course a different question, which I would be happy to discuss further with you in person.

Q         Who is conducting the Block Group?

A         Stephen Arcari who was Clinical Director of the NHS Psychotherapy Service in Brighton and more recently the Lead Consultant Adult Psychotherapist in NHS Grampian. He has worked in NHS Mental Health Services for 40 years. Alongside his work in the NHS he has extensive experience in private practice as a psychotherapist working with individuals, groups and non-statutory agencies. He is a Training Analyst and Supervisor with the Institute of Group Analysis.

Q         Where will the Block Group be held?

A         Starting in 2014 there will be a Monthly Block Group at the Brighton Therapy Centre,14 St George’s Place, Brighton, Sussex, (5 minutes walk from Brighton Station).

Q         How much will it cost?

A         £100 for 3 groups of 90 minutes each.

One to one preparation sessions, if required, £50 (50 minutes).

Q         How can I find out more?


Q        To book a free initial consultation for this group ?

A         email :

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