Gestalt Experiential Group


Ok, let’s talk about Gestalt group therapy.

The focus and only goal in Gestalt therapy is awareness. So, Gestalt therapy concentrates on your experience in the present moment and the environment you inhabit. I achieve this through helping you to gain a deeply felt sense of your dilemma. As you engage with the issue, awareness will develop and change can occur.

Similarly the focus in a Gestalt experiential group is on awareness, but this time the focus is on awareness of ourselves in relation to others. My task as a group facilitator is to help each individual gain a greater sense of themselves in how they engage with others. Every intervention that I make and everything that is said has the potential to increase awareness.

Issues that may surface in a group include how you react to others, who they remind you of, your resulting reactions to them and vice versa, how you are affected by what someone else is saying, and the effect you have on others when you speak or remain silent. I help individuals to communicate with each other and support alternative ways of expression. As the group learns more about itself, the individuals within it develop more awareness of how they relate to others.

This helps to develop self-support, which is the ability to articulate your own processes. This can develop to the point where you can clearly state what is happening for you without unduly fearing another’s response. Once sufficient self-support has developed then this can be experimented with in engagement, allowing you to gain awareness from your contact with others.

Over time, repetitive patterns of behaviour can become apparent. Self-defeating and potentially self-destructive ways of relating can be explored and different ways of expression can be experimented with. As individuals become more aware and practised in articulating their own processes, they tend to reduce their blocks to communicating while at the same time developing the areas where they are more successful in getting our message across.

Group members can then bring their new found awareness into their daily lives and interactions with others, making personal communication far more effective and easier.

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